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I'm a chameleon in all but colour.

Really, one sometimes despairs of the modern girl.

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Birthdate:Dec 24
Location:Helsinki, Finland
Website:My DeviantART page


I am a twenty-something Flemish fangirl, whose main obsessions at the moment are the Australian and UK comedy scene, Star Trek, Charles Darwin, and anything to do with the Age of Sail in general (Patrick O'Brian's naval Saga-Without-A-Name in particular). Gilly McGillicuddy is the name. I may digress on occasion, of course, to whatever happens to tickle my fancy at any particular moment, but what else is LJ for if not to promote a certain degree of randomness.

I'm currently living with my ever-wonderful and always-astounding girlfriend in a house full of bookshelves, DVDs and cats.

My journal is 'Friends Only' through necessity, but don't be shy about
leaving a comment. I'm always eager to find fellow fans. I should mention I don't friend back unless you either leave me a note there or I know you from a community, though.

'[T]oday he let me into a great secret, known to very few: the whole world has gone mad, it seems, but they are too far gone to know it - a kind of sudden epidemic, caused by drinking tea.' (Patrick O'Brian)


- make lists. Lists are love!
- draw fanart. Pen cross-hatchings are my forte. Check out my DeviantArt page for art and doodles.
- make icons, you can find them all at my icon journal.
- read books. You'll never find me without one. If you want a raw list of them, you can find me on Goodreads.
- filk songs and poems. Only occasionally, though I dearly love it. My proudest achievement to date is "Quoth the Captain".
- fangirl people: fictional or real, dead or alive, war heroes or modern day hippies, famous or not so. If the urge strikes, it strikes...
- research obscure stuff and bore my friendslist with it. My apologies in advance for this.
- slash. From Frodo/Sam over Aubrey/Maturin through Darwin/Hooker all the way to Fraser/Vecchio and Merlin/Arthur, with many a side-pairing inbetween.
- talk about myself. This is the boring stuff, generally, and my apologies in advance for this, too.

Affly yrs, the Gilly


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