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What does "comment to be added" mean?

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It means when or if people like me whom I haven't friended yet (i.e. people who can't see my entries because I've f'locked them all), they can leave a comment here, I'll friend them, they can see my the wonderful things my brain has inadventedly decided to dump on you lot, and wallow in the wonderfulness that is ME.

Or something. *shifty-eyed* Possibly with a little less self-promotion.

(Yee! Don't you love Jeeves in that picture, though? *cuddles him*)

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Jeeves and Wooster is ace :D

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You couldn't have said a truer word.

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I adore that picture! I've never seen it before.

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I just found it through random googling. I'm a little bit in love with Jeeves, there. Or well, everywhere and all the time, but especially there.

The original is here if you want it.

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*comments* I have internet back. Much rejoicing is occuring. Much rejoicing is also occuring over that picture. *pinches their cheeks*

can i be your friend?????

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You can be my friend!!! But only because of that icon of yours.

Permission to pinch HIS cheeks? *eg*

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I have just friended you :)

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*g* And friended back. ^_^

Wonderful icon, by the way.
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You have been spammed by the Hyel.

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What a pretty pretty couple picture.

Here on a library computer to tell you that both Master and Commander and The Last Days of Pompeii have arrived. It's the wrong library, though, so I haven't got them yet, but they sent an email, and I'll pick them up on my way home later today. (This is a lunch break.)

(And this announcement was written here because I was too lazy to log in first. One is always logged in at home.)

Too bad about Five Days in a Balloon, but I can always pick it up again after M&C and Pompeii. You know, I even found The Divine Invasion, the Philip K. Dick I thought I lost - actually Mom found it, it had fallen behind the sofa on her piles. I never look at her piles. Poor unfinished books!

So - Bulwer Lytton first. I want to find out what this immensely popular 19th century writer was on about, except the Force "vril energy".

Re: You have been spammed by the Hyel.

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Pompeii has already taken up residence in my book basket next to my bed, and is waiting to be either demolished or molested, depending on how much I like him.

Aww, your mum has book piles. *L* I wish mine did.
(You know you don't HAVE to pile them up, there are book cases for that sort of thing. :p)

So - Bulwer Lytton first. I want to find out what this immensely popular 19th century writer was on about, except the Force "vril energy".

In all honesty I know nothing at all about B-L but his name, and that he was the one who wrote the "It was a dark and stormy night". :p

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*comments* Just 'cause of the icon I saw at [ profile] makeitstopcaps. :D

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Haha, welcome. :D How can I refuse anyone with a Mowett icon!

^^; I do warn you, I'm reading the Aubreyad for the first time and it's taken over my LJ pretty completely lately.

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Just wanted to say that your "'How the admiral did relish a blow!'" icon is one of the best POB slash icons I have seen in a while. So deliciously naughty!

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^__^ I aim to please. I'm glad you like it.

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You've got the best MnC icons ever made :) And your LJ layout rocks.
If it's not much trouble for you, could I be added? I want to see what your mind has to offer to the world :) If not, just delete this entry or wathever :P

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You! Of course I'll add you. I've been fangirling your art ever since... well, since I first found it which was quite some time ago. ^___^

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May I friend you? I see your hilarious icons all the time in people's journals and am curious.

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I just had a peak at your journal and that last M&C drawing is absolutely gorgeous.

Of course you may. I'll friend you right back.

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hey! This is pint_of_boyd and I was wondering if you would friend me!
Im a good friend of [ profile] indefatigable and I saw your icons! They are AMAZING. You have quite a gift for clever wit!

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Hi! I've heard so much about you. I'll friend you right back. :D

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I keep seeing your icons, and then [ profile] indefatigable pointed me toward your LJ. Please friend me.

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Aye aye, sir. *knuckles forelock*

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I love nautical squeeage, may i add you?

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Naturally! Welcome aboard, Mr Pullings.

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Hello, you look rather interesting. Would you mind if I added you?

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Sure, not at all. You look rather interesting yourself. :)

*adds back*

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GOOD LORD. I simply have to friend you for your f-only banner!
Do you mind?

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*laughs* Of course not. I'll friend you back. :D
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I'd love to add you back. My internet's a bit difficult at the moment, so it might take me a few days, though, until I get it fixed.

Do I know you from somewhere? I don't recall your name. (Excuse my curiosity.)
(deleted comment)

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I have impeccable taste!

As evinced by my friending you.

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Might I be added? :)

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Naturally. :)

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May I be added? Or can I add you ? I'm terribly new at this sort of thing... have just got into the whole Jeeves and Wooster thing. I have to say I like Wooster best. He's so silly and British! Also I am half way through the M and C series and I would love to see what you think of it!

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Naturally. Lovely to find another fan of both! Bertie's my favourite, too. Bertie and Gussie Fink-Nottle. Bless their hearts.

There are tags in on the left hand side with the book titles, where I store all my posts relating to each book in the M&C series. Some won't have very many posts, I'm afraid, but books like FSotW I discussed every chapter of. :) I hope you'll enjoy. And welcome!

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I'm reading HMS Surprise at the moment, and, predictably enough, am totally in love with Mr. O'Brian and his boys. Now I'm in search of fellow worshipers. So - might I be added?

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Of course, of course. A friend of O'Brian's is a friend of mine.

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May I?

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May I friend you? Prettyprettypretty please?

So I can worship, er, read you more?

(You don't have to friend me back...there's not much happening in my lj :))

Re: May I?

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Haha, aww! You may, but you'll be so disappointed. XD I'm really not very interesting.

:p And I will of course add you back.

(God I love that icon. I keep thinking he's advertising for Nike.)

Re: May I?

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-le comment-

why hello there! ;]

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Why hello yourself.

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So I discovered your The Raven/POB thing in the hms_surprise community, and have decided that you are probably one of the coolest people ever. Mind if I friend you?

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*L* Sure you may, but you'll probably be disappointed. :p

I'll friend you back.

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We NEED to be friends. It is your DESTINY. And mine too, I suppose.

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WHOA! So it is! I can do nothing but concur and nod my head vigorously.

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Between your awesome layout and fantastic icons, my interest has been peaked. If allowed, I would love to be your friend! :)

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I would be honoured to have you as a friend. ^____^ I may not be on too much at the present, though, but this will change! soon! (the gods permitting.)

^_^ I'll add you straight away.

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